Prison for swindlers, but they walk free

A mammoth process has ended: On Thursday, the District Court Hamburg convicted the Osmani-brothers to a heavy jail- sentence. The court found the accused guilty of having fraudulently obtained bank credits of several million Euro. Burim Osmani was sentenced to five years and eleven months in jail, his brother Bashkim to three years and nine months. A third accused, who had been a business partner of the Osmani`s, has to go to jail for three years and six months. However, the court also decided that for now, the Osmani Brothers will not be jailed. Burim Osmani had been in detention for thirty months awaiting trial, his brother Bashkim had only attended the trial on condition of free passage. In exchange, they had to deposit almost two million Euro as a security. They also have to report to a parole officer twice a week. Their lawyers said they will lodge an appeal against the judgment.

With the judgement, the court followed the prosecution which had demanded long prison sentences for Burim and Bashkim Osmani. “This is a success for us and also for the Landeskriminalamt”, the prosecutor said.

The process against the two Osmani-brothers had started in March. It was a case that had made headlines not only because of the millions of Euro the brothers had embezzled, but also because of the enigmatic personalities of the two accused. The two Osmani brothers had come to Germany from Albania in the 1970s and had quickly made a fortune. Burim Osmani owned several pubs and night clubs in St. Pauli and quickly established a reputation as the secret King of the Reeperbahn. The famous “Café Keese” as well as the “Pupasch” and the “Heiße Ecke” belonged to his empire. Burim and Bashkim Osmani also had excellent political connections. Mario Mettbach, former construction senator of the Schill- party, had been their advisor for many years.

The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) had long suspected Burim Osmani and other members of his family of being involved in organized crime as well as drug trafficking. They started investigating them more than 15 years ago, but were never able to make the allegations stick.

In 2007, the Hamburg prosecution charged Burim and Bashkim Osmani with embezzlement and delay of bankruptcy. The brothers had induced the heads of the former Volksbank Lauenburg to extend credits of 30 million Euro to them for alleged construction projects on the Balkan. In reality, the money had been used to built brothels and finance estate deals in the red light district. Employees of the Osmanis, among them waiters and caretakers, had acted as intermediaries who had officially applied for the credits. As a result, the small bank had almost faced bankruptcy and was only rescued by a banking emergency fond. The bank director and one of the board members had been sentenced to several years in jail in an earlier court case.

A new design for Hamburg’s minarets

On Sunday morning, the two 20 metres high minarets of the “Centrum-Moschee” (centre-mosque) in Böckmannstraße 40 (St. Georg) were brought to a storehouse in Hamburg-Fischbek, where the artist Boran Burchardt will daub them with green-white sexangles. “Many people will associate a football or a beehive with the sexangles, but the sexangle is a symbol in the Islamic culture and green the colour of the prophet Mohammed”, explained the painter. The new design will cost about 40,000 euros and will be payed by the donates given to the Islamic community Centrum-Moschee, said Imam Ramazan Ucar. He is sure that the investment will be worth. “The citizens of St. Georg and visitors of Hamburg will like the new design”, he said.

Vattenfall Chief Breaks Silence over Controversial Power Plant

Hans-Jürgen Cramer, a member of the executive board at Swedish energy concern Vattenfall, broke the silence surrounding the absence of any official decision on the firm’s controversial project to build a coal power plant in Moorburg. After unsuccessfully appealing to Hamburg’s senate for the licenses, he said the company has been left with “no other choice” than to seek expert legal advice and reiterate their intention to sue the state for damages should permission for the project be withdrawn.

Ever since the CDU-Green coalition took the reigns of power on 14th February this year, the silence surrounding the postponement of the Vattenfall coal power plant project has been deafening. The Green party’s long standing environmental opposition to the construction of the plant has resulted in a ‘catch 22’ situation for the coalition: Allow the project to go ahead and sacrifice political credibility and face accusations of hypocrisy, or withdraw permission and face the wrath of one of Europe’s largest energy concerns – to the tune of a reported 1.3 Billion Euro law suit against the state.

Applying the Pressure

One can only guess at what is going on behind the scenes in Hamburg’s Town Hall as neither Green nor CDU party representatives have commented on the case for four months, and no mention of the issue was made in last week’s government declaration.

Die Comedy pur Tour

Neighborhood tour with Tina Tits The cultural program for your funny bone Comedian Tina Tits leads the guests of the Pure Comedy Tour as neighborhood expert with cheeky charming mouth on the red light district: the Hamburg Reeperbahn. Besides the well known attractions such as the legendary red-light district Great freedom, Herbert Street or David Guard granted, Tit Tina also look behind the scenes of original harbor bars and erotic establishments!

Tina breasts – Kodderschnauze in action

Tina’s breasts tour starts in the middle of the Hamburg neighborhood where your guests first time the basic knowledge, the contemporary history of St. Pauli and its legends, is given for the best. Who here is expecting a boring lecture, will know better: Tina’s Boobs “cultural program” the laughing muscles strained to breaking point. Together, the legendary places such as the Herbert Street, the great freedom, or the Hans-Albers-Platz to visit. There are a lunch tour and an evening tour with abgewandeltem easy as booking program available.

Tina breasts – Non-long chat …

Non-long chatting, head in the neck … maintains the Hamburg to say if he is toasting. Although Tina’s tits tongue is naturally loose, each, one of your guests go a with your drink. A visit to the famous Boxkneipe to crack there is something for every guest a brief and free of charge on special request, a black eye. As you stand on one leg can not be known, is at the lunch Tour the rest of thirst with a “drinks” in the oldest harbor bars St.Paulis and the evening tour, deleted in the course of the Hamburg Mountain, with a “traffic light”.

Tina breasts – Comedy Striptease at Queen Calavera

The evening tour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with boobs Tina ends in Germany’s first Burlesqe bar in the middle of the neighborhood. Burlesque striptease comedy, cabaret and variety shows in one. The result is burlesque in the 1930s and is the best known representative Dita von Teese, come back to new glory. Those who visited with the most entertaining show boobs Tina Queen Calavera in, get in free. After the pure comedy tour with Tina tits every guest can be described as deliberately neighborhood expert!

Concerned, Confident and Savory – Indonesia Celebrates Independence Day with Coffee Tasting

On the occasion of the 64th Day of Independence and the 4th annual Coffee Day, the Consulate General of Indonesia invited guests to a coffee degustation at “Die Rösterei”, a roasting facility, at Mönckebergstraße 7. Consul General Teuko Darmawan warmly welcomed his guests. Concerned about the victims of the massive earthquake which hit Java Island on September 2, 2009, he first extended his gratitude to the German government and the human aid organizations for their support. Concerning the relationship between Indonesia and Germany as well as the European Union, the Consul General expressed his confidence based on recently signed treaties about future cooperation. To make the most of the Coffee Day, he then invited his guests to a tasting of Indonesian coffee.

Amomg the guests who participated at the coffee degustation were next to Ibu Titien Darmawan (r.) the Consul General of India, Dr. Vinod Kumar, with his wife, the Consul of Tunisia, Hamed Ben Brahim, Doyen Zarko Plevnik from Croatia and Jean Pierre Tutin, General Consul of France, as well as members of the protocol. (Photo by the Consulate General of Indonesia)

Indonesia is the world’s third largest coffee producing region in the world, and the fifth largest coffee exporter to Germany. Coffee imports from Indonesia were worth 146 million Euros in 2008, or twice as much as the previous year. From the trend point of view, Indonesia’s import demonstrates wonderful prospects if German’s high demand continues to be properly channeled by the coffee industry in Indonesia.

Finally, people in Germany consume 148 liters of coffee per person per year, higher than the consumption of water and beer. The average number of Germany’s coffee imports during the last three years is above 1 million tons. In terms of value, coffee consumption in Germany is the biggest in Europe, equaling 3 million Euros on average per year or 29 percent of all coffee segments in Europe.

The coffee served at “Die Rösterei” was Sumatra, Java, Bali and Toraja, which belongs to the most exported ones and Arabica, whose production started in the 18th century under Dutch colonial domination.

Among the guests were Doyen Zarko Plevnik, Consul General of Croatia, and his colleagues from the Ukraine, Serbia and Finland, as well Gero Winkler from the Chamber of Commerce and David S. Zeller, President of the Club of Hamburg.