Die Comedy pur Tour

Neighborhood tour with Tina Tits The cultural program for your funny bone Comedian Tina Tits leads the guests of the Pure Comedy Tour as neighborhood expert with cheeky charming mouth on the red light district: the Hamburg Reeperbahn. Besides the well known attractions such as the legendary red-light district Great freedom, Herbert Street or David Guard granted, Tit Tina also look behind the scenes of original harbor bars and erotic establishments!

Tina breasts – Kodderschnauze in action

Tina’s breasts tour starts in the middle of the Hamburg neighborhood where your guests first time the basic knowledge, the contemporary history of St. Pauli and its legends, is given for the best. Who here is expecting a boring lecture, will know better: Tina’s Boobs “cultural program” the laughing muscles strained to breaking point. Together, the legendary places such as the Herbert Street, the great freedom, or the Hans-Albers-Platz to visit. There are a lunch tour and an evening tour with abgewandeltem easy as booking program available.

Tina breasts – Non-long chat …

Non-long chatting, head in the neck … maintains the Hamburg to say if he is toasting. Although Tina’s tits tongue is naturally loose, each, one of your guests go a with your drink. A visit to the famous Boxkneipe to crack there is something for every guest a brief and free of charge on special request, a black eye. As you stand on one leg can not be known, is at the lunch Tour the rest of thirst with a “drinks” in the oldest harbor bars St.Paulis and the evening tour, deleted in the course of the Hamburg Mountain, with a “traffic light”.

Tina breasts – Comedy Striptease at Queen Calavera

The evening tour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with boobs Tina ends in Germany’s first Burlesqe bar in the middle of the neighborhood. Burlesque striptease comedy, cabaret and variety shows in one. The result is burlesque in the 1930s and is the best known representative Dita von Teese, come back to new glory. Those who visited with the most entertaining show boobs Tina Queen Calavera in, get in free. After the pure comedy tour with Tina tits every guest can be described as deliberately neighborhood expert!